Why the GIMP image editor will never be popular

April 18, 2009

I want to rotate my image, The camera was turned. I navigate to tools->transform->rotate. I have to manually enter 90 degrees. The result is clipped on the top and bottom because the rotated result doesn’t fit in the canvas any longer.

I try to save it thinking it might be what I want but just looks funny. It tells me the jpg has to be exported because the picture had transparency.

You guys are missing the point.

Users don’t know transformations and matrices. Why are you categorizing operations by things the users don’t understand?

Why aren’t commonly used settings (like rotate 90/180/270) somewhere that I can choose them easily?

What is up with this export drek? I don’t care whats different between exporting and saving. When I hit save I want you to save the **** picture.

Oh, and ditch the stupid multiple window UI.

You guys really need to get a clue


Dear Joss Whedon, what happened to dollhouse?

April 4, 2009

Dear Joss,

I used to be a big fan. I really loved Firefly. So I decided to give Dollhouse a fair shot.

I just officially gave up on the series.

Mike and Sierra corner the guy who involuntarily put Sierra in the Dollhouse. She wouldn’t sleep with him so he sold her into involuntary slavery. In a place where they erase your memory and make you like the slavery. They know all this. He tells them they’ve erased their existence and “I have a good security system, people are coming to get you.”  So they turn and run?


You stop and kill the sleeze ball. You don’t exist. What penalty could they possibly impose on you?

This show has been degenerating steadily and has just reached the point where it’s too stupid to continue watching. If you’re letting other people modify your work and this is the result I certainly hope you got paid well for putting your name on this drek.

Your next show is going to have to be very good for me to even give it a try.

Who pays for this drek? More “History” Channel garbage

January 23, 2009

So I’m watching the special on the symbology on the United States dollar bill. This show interviews a conspiracy theorist with very little intelligence and a book to sell. They don’t present any kind of fact checking. He states there are 13 stars and 13 arrows in the seal with the eagle because they’re a symbolic number for the free masons. Duh, did it ever occur to you there were 13 original colonies? They make the claim “The evidence for a conspiracy is piling up”. I have to agree with this statement. It did get pretty deep. Geez guys, get a clue. How about some HISTORY on the History Channel?

Fringe – the Television show

January 20, 2009

Uh… guys… You guys that write this show…
Please do a bit more fact checking. The giant two pound common cold virus. I gotta call you on that one. A virus isn’t cellular and it can’t be enlarged like a cell can. It’s a specific arrangement of atoms that can’t just be scaled as you like. It can’t run around the room either. Good ICK factor, but really bad science.

Congratulations to you Mr. Obama

January 20, 2009

The country has been headed down an ugly path for way too long. I hope you can turn us around. Please don’t pursue appeasement too far though. There are times when something must be done.

History Channel ought to be renamed “Hysteria Channel”

January 9, 2009

I just finished watching the History Channel special “Decoding the Past: Doomsday 2012”. I don’t believe in many conspiracy theories. People in general aren’t smart enough to pull off keeping a secret and getting something of any significance done. I thought it might be good for a laugh.

I was really amazed to find they had reached a new low. In most shows they assume people are stupid and will believe whatever you tell them if you wrap authority around it. They get an announcer with a good voice, throw in a few pictures with some nice dissolves between them, maybe do a fast slide show of images with sound effects. Generally the flaws in their argument take a little bit of effort to find.

In this show you don’t even have to do more than parse a single sentence to figure out what a load of drek the show is. “Could ancient oracles truly predict the future? The answer could affect us all, because history shows a surprisingly good track record for those who say doomsday is almost here”

A good track record for those who predict doomsday? Did we have doomsday and I just didn’t notice? How can any of them have a good track record? Their predictions of doomsday have all been 100% wrong. I wouldn’t call never being correct “a good track record”. If any of you do can I come work for you?

They state the mayan calendar predicts doomsday because it ends in 2012. There’s no prediction of doomsday anywhere other than the fact the calendar has an end date. I guess that means the world ends on December 31st because that’s when my Dilbert calendar ends!

The executive producers of this show were Gary Tarpinian and Paninee Theeranuntaway. There are so many wonderful things you could be doing and you’re wasting time and money on this drek? Get a clue.

The gentrification of the internet

December 20, 2008

What I was afraid of has finally happened.

Today I started getting bounce messages from my personal mail server. After a little investigation it turns out I can’t send email because Spamhaus.org has decided to allow ISP’s to forbid the transmission of mail from clients on dynamic IP addresses that ISP provides. Yes, I understand it’s DESIGNED to slow down spam. In my experience it does not work and the ISP’s are now using this as a way to extract more money from their customers.

In the good old days you used to be able to slap a server up on the internet and you were on an equal footing with everyone else. Your web pages and email weren’t controlled by anyone but you. It was good and it was bad. You could do really rude stuff like spam people. You could also do things like get up on your soap box and complain about rude stuff like taxation without representation and that nasty little tax on tea.

Thanks Spamhaus. You guys have turned into the enemy. If you really want spam to go away take all the effort you’re spending on this carp and use it to identify spammers. By name. In a public forum. I’ll kick in ten bucks to pay guido to pay their server a visit. I think it will be lots more effective.

iron sky wallpaper

May 24, 2008

Whipped up a test wallpaper for a fun new movie being made by amateur movie makes.


Iron Sky Wallpaper

Cheney Cthulhu

March 30, 2008

I took one of Andy Davey’s cartoons and modified it a bit to make this parody.
You can find the rest of Andy’s work here

“New Amsterdam” Review

March 9, 2008

The hero of the story is an immortal homicide detective. He was a conquistador(?) who traveled to the new world for a change in lifestyle. Once there he decided killing innocent female indians was not a great thing and tried to stop his fellows but one of them killed him for it. The indians he saved rewarded him by making him immortal. He won’t age or die until he finds true love.

There’s a lot of holes in the story already. So if the indians could grant immortality why did the get killed by the spanish (etc.) in the first place?

In the current time he gets a new partner (cute chick, of course) who helps him solve a murder. In the very first episode he already shows the poor quality writing. The coroner is able to date and name paint taken from under the fingernails of the murder victim. I think that’s a little far fetched. Then, when they can’t figure out a decent way for him to solve the crime it turns out he used to date the artist sixty years before. So he goes to her and finds out where the scratched painting is.

I think this show won’t last. The writing is too poor. They shouldn’t have given away the whole back story of the character in the first episode. I think they will over use the immortality card to shortcut plot lines. It’s too bad they didn’t renew Journeyman. I think it was much superior.