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flashforward: revelation zero

March 21, 2010

I thought this episode was pitifully weak. Why would the FBI send one agent and a consultant (who’s a also a prime suspect) to collect Simko’s computer? Why wasn’t it already confiscated when he claimed he caused the blackout? Why didn’t they send it to professional code breakers at Langley. Really really poor writing. Drama does not make up for crappy writing!


SGU: lost a fan

October 24, 2009

I really tried to like SGU. I was a big fan of the previous series. This one takes too much from Cattlecar Galactica and too little from StarGate. The turning point for me was the show “light”. They’ve run from one hopeless disaster to the next with everyone at each other’s throats it was really getting tiresome. In this episode they’ve finally caught a break and I thought things would turn around. At the end of the episode their leader, who should have known better, acuses the mad scientist of knowing all along they weren’t all doomed. He does this in public with lots of witnesses. Even the others in the room tell him to ‘give it a rest’. A better way to induce paranoia and ensure trouble I can’t imagine. This from someone who’s supposed to be a leader. If I wanted crappy drama queens I’d just spend more time at the office.

Sorry SGU. You’re voted off the island.

Dear Joss Whedon, what happened to dollhouse?

April 4, 2009

Dear Joss,

I used to be a big fan. I really loved Firefly. So I decided to give Dollhouse a fair shot.

I just officially gave up on the series.

Mike and Sierra corner the guy who involuntarily put Sierra in the Dollhouse. She wouldn’t sleep with him so he sold her into involuntary slavery. In a place where they erase your memory and make you like the slavery. They know all this. He tells them they’ve erased their existence and “I have a good security system, people are coming to get you.”  So they turn and run?


You stop and kill the sleeze ball. You don’t exist. What penalty could they possibly impose on you?

This show has been degenerating steadily and has just reached the point where it’s too stupid to continue watching. If you’re letting other people modify your work and this is the result I certainly hope you got paid well for putting your name on this drek.

Your next show is going to have to be very good for me to even give it a try.