SGU: lost a fan

I really tried to like SGU. I was a big fan of the previous series. This one takes too much from Cattlecar Galactica and too little from StarGate. The turning point for me was the show “light”. They’ve run from one hopeless disaster to the next with everyone at each other’s throats it was really getting tiresome. In this episode they’ve finally caught a break and I thought things would turn around. At the end of the episode their leader, who should have known better, acuses the mad scientist of knowing all along they weren’t all doomed. He does this in public with lots of witnesses. Even the others in the room tell him to ‘give it a rest’. A better way to induce paranoia and ensure trouble I can’t imagine. This from someone who’s supposed to be a leader. If I wanted crappy drama queens I’d just spend more time at the office.

Sorry SGU. You’re voted off the island.


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