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Why I will never buy a kindle/ebook reader

July 24, 2009

I will never pay for a device that allows other people to use my property in any way they desire without my consent. If necessary I will do without.


Is Warehouse 23 dead?

July 24, 2009

Hey, I’m not above using one of the tricks from schlock journalism school 101. Take something big/popular/ubiquitous and plaster a big headline “IS XXX DEAD?”.

But really. The writers of Warehouse 23 are falling down on the job. Here are my beefs:
* The science has been silly so far.
* With a gold mine of fantastic gadgets to choose from they’re doing shows about chair springs? Ugh!
* The characters constant bitching at each other is almost intolerable. In the last show if I’d been their boss I would have used the taser gun on them, repeatedly, until I got their attention.

Come on guys! Time to make your move or you’re going to fold.

Warehouse 23

July 18, 2009

I’m still reserving judgement. So far it’s not too bad. The second episode was kind of weak but there haven’t been any major gaffs so far…


July 18, 2009 An organization that masquerades as a public service. I think what they’re really doing is making sure big companies have a lock on email traffic. This makes it easier for big brother to spy on us too. They’re making it impossible for individuals to send email. Spamhaus, you guys suck

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