Why the GIMP image editor will never be popular

I want to rotate my image, The camera was turned. I navigate to tools->transform->rotate. I have to manually enter 90 degrees. The result is clipped on the top and bottom because the rotated result doesn’t fit in the canvas any longer.

I try to save it thinking it might be what I want but just looks funny. It tells me the jpg has to be exported because the picture had transparency.

You guys are missing the point.

Users don’t know transformations and matrices. Why are you categorizing operations by things the users don’t understand?

Why aren’t commonly used settings (like rotate 90/180/270) somewhere that I can choose them easily?

What is up with this export drek? I don’t care whats different between exporting and saving. When I hit save I want you to save the **** picture.

Oh, and ditch the stupid multiple window UI.

You guys really need to get a clue



2 Responses to “Why the GIMP image editor will never be popular”

  1. kraelen Says:

    Image > Transform
    Has the following options:
    Flip Horizontally
    Flip Vertically
    Rotate 90 degrees clockwise
    Rotate 90 degrees counter-clockwise
    Rotate 180 degrees

    If you like Photoshop, use Photoshop. No one is making you use the Gimp.

    Why are you so filled with hate over something that is free and given to the world as a gift of many people’s hard labor? Your blog called a “search for meaning and beauty”, but what I find in it is quite ugly.

  2. uzikalfaddim Says:

    I see the issue. In Tools->transform tools->rotate the commonly used options are not present, but in image->transform they are.

    Which adds further weight to my contention the guys writing this gave little thought to the user interface. One of the rules established by apple way back in the macintosh design bible is to only have one way the user can accomplish a task. Here there are two menus for accomplishing the same task and they don’t have the same options. That I didn’t find them and you did is ample proof why the concept is a good one.

    No, nobody is making me use GIMP. I thought I would give it a fair try. I tried it and found it confusing and poorly done. If the authors can’t take criticism then they’ll never improve, the product will never improve, and they’ll forever be a bunch of amateurs that nobody takes seriously.

    If you confuse hate with frustration and anger you really need to look deeper at yourself. Buck up, take your failure like a man, work on improving yourself and move on.

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