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Why the GIMP image editor will never be popular

April 18, 2009

I want to rotate my image, The camera was turned. I navigate to tools->transform->rotate. I have to manually enter 90 degrees. The result is clipped on the top and bottom because the rotated result doesn’t fit in the canvas any longer.

I try to save it thinking it might be what I want but just looks funny. It tells me the jpg has to be exported because the picture had transparency.

You guys are missing the point.

Users don’t know transformations and matrices. Why are you categorizing operations by things the users don’t understand?

Why aren’t commonly used settings (like rotate 90/180/270) somewhere that I can choose them easily?

What is up with this export drek? I don’t care whats different between exporting and saving. When I hit save I want you to save the **** picture.

Oh, and ditch the stupid multiple window UI.

You guys really need to get a clue


Dear Joss Whedon, what happened to dollhouse?

April 4, 2009

Dear Joss,

I used to be a big fan. I really loved Firefly. So I decided to give Dollhouse a fair shot.

I just officially gave up on the series.

Mike and Sierra corner the guy who involuntarily put Sierra in the Dollhouse. She wouldn’t sleep with him so he sold her into involuntary slavery. In a place where they erase your memory and make you like the slavery. They know all this. He tells them they’ve erased their existence and “I have a good security system, people are coming to get you.”  So they turn and run?


You stop and kill the sleeze ball. You don’t exist. What penalty could they possibly impose on you?

This show has been degenerating steadily and has just reached the point where it’s too stupid to continue watching. If you’re letting other people modify your work and this is the result I certainly hope you got paid well for putting your name on this drek.

Your next show is going to have to be very good for me to even give it a try.