History Channel ought to be renamed “Hysteria Channel”

I just finished watching the History Channel special “Decoding the Past: Doomsday 2012”. I don’t believe in many conspiracy theories. People in general aren’t smart enough to pull off keeping a secret and getting something of any significance done. I thought it might be good for a laugh.

I was really amazed to find they had reached a new low. In most shows they assume people are stupid and will believe whatever you tell them if you wrap authority around it. They get an announcer with a good voice, throw in a few pictures with some nice dissolves between them, maybe do a fast slide show of images with sound effects. Generally the flaws in their argument take a little bit of effort to find.

In this show you don’t even have to do more than parse a single sentence to figure out what a load of drek the show is. “Could ancient oracles truly predict the future? The answer could affect us all, because history shows a surprisingly good track record for those who say doomsday is almost here”

A good track record for those who predict doomsday? Did we have doomsday and I just didn’t notice? How can any of them have a good track record? Their predictions of doomsday have all been 100% wrong. I wouldn’t call never being correct “a good track record”. If any of you do can I come work for you?

They state the mayan calendar predicts doomsday because it ends in 2012. There’s no prediction of doomsday anywhere other than the fact the calendar has an end date. I guess that means the world ends on December 31st because that’s when my Dilbert calendar ends!

The executive producers of this show were Gary Tarpinian and Paninee Theeranuntaway. There are so many wonderful things you could be doing and you’re wasting time and money on this drek? Get a clue.


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