The gentrification of the internet

What I was afraid of has finally happened.

Today I started getting bounce messages from my personal mail server. After a little investigation it turns out I can’t send email because has decided to allow ISP’s to forbid the transmission of mail from clients on dynamic IP addresses that ISP provides. Yes, I understand it’s DESIGNED to slow down spam. In my experience it does not work and the ISP’s are now using this as a way to extract more money from their customers.

In the good old days you used to be able to slap a server up on the internet and you were on an equal footing with everyone else. Your web pages and email weren’t controlled by anyone but you. It was good and it was bad. You could do really rude stuff like spam people. You could also do things like get up on your soap box and complain about rude stuff like taxation without representation and that nasty little tax on tea.

Thanks Spamhaus. You guys have turned into the enemy. If you really want spam to go away take all the effort you’re spending on this carp and use it to identify spammers. By name. In a public forum. I’ll kick in ten bucks to pay guido to pay their server a visit. I think it will be lots more effective.


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