“New Amsterdam” Review

The hero of the story is an immortal homicide detective. He was a conquistador(?) who traveled to the new world for a change in lifestyle. Once there he decided killing innocent female indians was not a great thing and tried to stop his fellows but one of them killed him for it. The indians he saved rewarded him by making him immortal. He won’t age or die until he finds true love.

There’s a lot of holes in the story already. So if the indians could grant immortality why did the get killed by the spanish (etc.) in the first place?

In the current time he gets a new partner (cute chick, of course) who helps him solve a murder. In the very first episode he already shows the poor quality writing. The coroner is able to date and name paint taken from under the fingernails of the murder victim. I think that’s a little far fetched. Then, when they can’t figure out a decent way for him to solve the crime it turns out he used to date the artist sixty years before. So he goes to her and finds out where the scratched painting is.

I think this show won’t last. The writing is too poor. They shouldn’t have given away the whole back story of the character in the first episode. I think they will over use the immortality card to shortcut plot lines. It’s too bad they didn’t renew Journeyman. I think it was much superior.


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