just got back from GenCon

We had a great time this year. I’m a bit conflicted about it. Overall I had a great time but there were moments that were really awful.

There were quite a few more computer gaming companies. Unlike many who decry the end of (insert your kind of gaming here) I think this is the future of gaming. There was some good stuff, and some just mediocre.

There weren’t a lot of good costumes this year. The Manticore who won the CostumeCon contest was there had a fantastic costume.

There were quite a large number of people who seriously needed to lose weight. We call it “abuse of spandex.” I don’t mean they were pudgy or slightly overweight. They were grossly fat. I saw a hugely fat woman sitting outside starbucks trying to suck the last drops out of a frappaccino cup. Another guy walked past leading a group of folks and crying “Off to CINNABUNS!” If either of you are reading this please do everyone a favor and get a clue. If you’d quit drinking soda and eating carb loaded snacks you’d probably add 10 years to your life. At Origins we were sitting at the food court. A 400+ pound woman walked past. Grossly fat. With Cellulite. A LOT of Cellulite. She was wearing a mini skirt and didn’t know that the back of her dress was caught by her backpack giving everyone a good look at her panties. After I took a good 10 points of sanity loss I turned my chair around to face away from her. I could see the horror reflected in the eyes of those people sitting near me when they looked up from their food. I just don’t get it.

My wife and I tried entering into the figure painting contests. I came away feeling angry and used. If any of you miniatures manufacturers are reading this why don’t you separate the professional painters from the rest of us? After my experience I’m never going to bother with it again. There’s no way I can compete with those folks and no category where I can compete or show my work without competition. I’m all for rewarding accomplishment but they way you’re running these things there’s no incentive and it breeds ill will. Two of the manufacturers, Wyrd and Crocodile Games, did offer a free figure for those who entered their contest. Neither of which we received. The figure I got from Wyrd for a $6 entry fee wasn’t worth what I paid for it. Try a discount coupon as a reward for fans who bought your product and spent effort painting it. Ask yourself “Why should an average painter pay to put a figure in your contest?” When you’ve got a decent answer maybe I’ll be back.

Bruce Hirst had more wonderful molds.

The dancers and performers were a good idea but for gods sakes put up a stage and don’t put them in the halls! It’s hard enough to move around without you guys blocking off exits and creating backups with gawkers.

If you’re going and you’ve never been before the single best thing you can do for yourself is PRE-REGISTER. A line for 10,000 people to buy tickets is ugly!

See you all next year!


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