Hewlett Packard HP PSC1610 printer – avoid this one

I used to have an Epson all in one printer. I really liked it until the first time I changed the ink cartridge. I took out the cartridge then found out I’d gotten the wrong replacement cartridge. I put the old one back in and went to get a new one. It never printed again. We even tried taking the print engine apart and cleaning the tubing. I ended up with two sets of worthless ink cartridges and a broken printer. I made sure to enroll myself in the Epson class action lawsuit. The check will just about cover the cartridges, if I ever get it.

I bought a replacement from HP. In my youth they were known for the finest quality products you could buy and for treating their employees well. The literally had gold plated freakin circuit boards! These days their quality is mediocre and they illegally invade people’s privacy because they feel like it.

I’ve had this printer for a while.

The good things about it:

  • I can successfully change the ink cartridge and it still prints well.
  • The scanner and copy functions work tolerably well

The bad things about it:

  • Ink cartridges cost more than gold by weight.
  • cartridges have a very low capacity
  • The construction is flimsy. It squeaks when it feeds paper.
  • When printing envelopes the printer does not feed the envelopes straight and doesn’t even do it reliably crooked. The text comes out skewed by varying amounts. If it was the same each time I could skew my print to compensate.
  • It doesn’t reliably feed paper. Many times I have to hit a button and tell it to try again before it works.
  • When turning off the printer I always get a warning from Win2k that I’ve shut off a USB device improperly.

I can’t recommend this printer. I don’t think this blog entry will actually do much since they put out a new model every six months. What is the point of a review if they don’t make that product any more?

If anyone has had good experience with a printer please let me know?


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